Where Are We Going? (Matthew 25:31-46)

Sunday 26/07/2020

Where are we going? Where we think we’re going determines how we prepare for getting there! You don’t pack swimmers for when you’re going to work, or wear a hiking gear to a wedding.

It’s the same with our world and ourselves. If we think that our world is always going to go well, we won’t prepare for trouble. And if we think we’ll go until we stop and that’s all there is, we won’t prepare for the life to come.

Maybe you don’t expect the world to end. It’ll just keep going, surely? That means you can live like this universe is all there is.

Or perhaps you think the world will end, but it’ll fizzle out like a sparkler. There won’t be any great crisis. It’ll just grind to a halt.

Or maybe you do expect the world to explode, with a war or an environmental catastrophe making the planet uninhabitable.

But what comes next? Not just with the planet, but with us?

If you believe that there’s nothing next, then ultimately you and I and everyone who has ever lived is not accountable for what we do here. Even the people who destroy the planet or the people on it will get away with it in the end.

We like to live like we’ll never have to answer to anybody. But Jesus says that we will answer to Him.

This is God’s message to you and me: One day the world will end and you will be held to account. Either you will receive eternal life or eternal punishment. Which will it be?

What are we going to do about that? We’ve got to realize how serious the situation is!

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