What Can Fix the World? (1 Corinthians 1:17-31)

Sunday 19/07/2020

What can fix the world? Is there a force powerful enough, or an idea convincing enough to bring real change? Movements and religions tell us what to do to change the world. But Christianity is different: where religion says “Do”, Jesus says, “Done” (John 19:30). Philosophies and life coaches tell us what to think to change our world. But Christianity is different. Where philosophy says, “Discover the truth”, Jesus says, “I am the truth” (John 14:6). But do we really believe that? Do we live like what Jesus reveals about God is true? Do we live like what Jesus did is enough to change the world? Maybe you think that the Christian message is too foolish to believe. It just doesn’t add up. Maybe you’ve read some of the Bible, but it didn’t make sense. So, you look for a more reasonable solution for ourselves and our world (v22). Sometimes Christians do this. We think that the idea of God coming to earth to die for sinners is too unbelievable. So, we look for something more convincing to get people interested in Jesus. Or maybe you think that the Christian message is too weak to believe. It doesn’t wow you. Maybe going to church wasn’t the most interesting experience you’ve had. So, you look for something more compelling (v22). Sometimes Christians do this too. We think that the idea of Jesus dying for sinners will put people off. So, we look for something powerful that will really get their attention (v22)! The problem is: God made the cross the pivotal event of our universe! We can’t overlook or sweep aside the death of Jesus Christ. That only shows that we haven’t understood it. God’s message for me and you today is this: Don’t underestimate Jesus’ death on the cross; trust it to save you and others (v23). So, what will convince us that the cross makes sense, and that it can do what God says? Here in 1 Corinthians 1:17-31, God tells us two truths we need to believe about the death of Jesus on the cross:
  1. Trust that the Cross is wise and powerful (v17-25), and
  2. Trust Christ to save you and others (v26-31)

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