The Right King (Matthew 1:1-17)

Sunday 02/08/2020

When everything is out of control, where do you look for leadership? Who can you trust?

We see bad things happening all around us. And we wonder if God is in control.

Or we say, ‘If God is in control, He mustn’t really care about us!’

Maybe you’re worried about the big problems facing the world: the pandemic, economic problems, tensions between countries. Or maybe the suffering is closer to home.

‘Does God really care about me?’ Maybe you’re not religious. Maybe you’re not from a Christian family, or even from a Christian country. Maybe you don’t think God would ever want someone who has thought or done what you have.

So, where do you look for leadership? When bad things are happening, who can you trust?

The problem is that every leader will let us down eventually. Even if there isn’t a career-ending scandal, eventually they die and we’re left to carry on without them.

But even when our world has been turned upside down, even if God seems distant, His message to you is this: ‘I have come to you and I won’t let you down!’

Well, how can we know that for sure? We need to meet God’s king. That’s the message right from the start of Matthew’s Gospel. It’s much more than a biography of Jesus. It’s meant to persuade us that “Jesus has all authority so that all nations might obey all He has commanded” (as Douglas O’Donnell writes).

Where should we look for leadership? Who can we trust? Meet Jesus.

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