The Temple Collapses

Preacher: Rev. Neil McDonald Date: 7 November 2010 Readings: Psalm 23:1-6, Amos 9:1-15 Amos’ fifth vision is of God in the Temple, brining it down on the worshipers. His judgement would come and no one would be able to escape or hide from Him, Genesis 3:8-10. Death, hell, heaven or high mountains do not takeContinue reading “The Temple Collapses”

Reformation Sunday: John Knox

Preacher: Rev. Neil McDonald Date 31 October 2010 Readings: Psalm 21:1-13, 1 Kings 18:16-40 John Knox was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest, but left Catholicism and became the bodyguard for the Scottish Reformer George Wishart. After Wishart was murdered, Knox fled and began to preach. He was later imprisoned and exiled several times, joiningContinue reading “Reformation Sunday: John Knox”

Ripe for Judgement

Preacher: Rev. Neil McDonald Date: 17 October 2010 Readings: Amos 8:1-14, Psalm 22:1-31 Israel was ripe for judgement, as depicted by a bowl of fruit. The sins God condemned were not new: oppressing the poor and rigging weights. God said that He would not forget their sins. Their religious festivals would be turned into mourning.Continue reading “Ripe for Judgement”