Which Road Are You On? (Matthew 7:13-29)

Sunday 05/12/2020

How interested are you in Jesus?

Maybe you’re not really interested at all, but you’re here because your family or friends expect you to be.

Perhaps you think of yourself as neutral: not really interested in Jesus, but not really against Him.

Maybe you are interested in Jesus but you’re not ready to commit yourself to Him yet.

Maybe you’ve been coming to church for ages. Everyone probably thinks you’re a Christian, but you haven’t repented from your sins, trusted in Jesus, and committed yourself to serving with His people.

You might be a new Christian, eager to listen and starting to grow.

Or you’re a mature Christian, faithfully and earnestly continuing to follow Jesus.

Wherever you stand with Jesus, He has something to say to you and me today. He says: There are only two ways you can live your life. You are either going one way or the other.

Either, you are following Jesus on the narrow way to life, or you are going down the road to destruction. Which one is it? How would you know?

Jesus says we can know which road we are on. There are only two. They describe two ways of life:

One is a 6-lane highway. It’s easy because it seems everyone is going that way. And it leads to destruction (v13).

The other is a narrow track, with no room to pass or pull over. It might be lonely, but it leads to life (v14).

Are you driving with the traffic or going against the flow?

Jesus warns us that not everyone who looks like a Christian is one. That warning is for our safety, because there are imposters who would take you with them to destruction.

But Jesus says we can know who they are too. It all comes down to whether we listen to Jesus’ words AND do them!

That’s the hard part. So, how do you do? Do you do what Jesus says? Or do you just like to listen?

Here in Matthew 7:13-29, Jesus demands a decision. He warns us that faith cannot be just a hobby. Following Him must be our lifestyle. He gives us three directions to walk on the path to life:

  1. Walk Narrowly! (v13-14)
  2. Beware the Wolves! (v15-23)
  3. Do or Die! (v24-29)

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