Resources for Everyone

Consider the Big Questions with Life Explored

Who is Jesus, Why Did He Come, and How Should We Respond? Christianity Explored

How Should I Follow Jesus? Discipleship Explored

Explore Christian Theology in Clear, Concise Language with Simply Put (Apple) (Spotify) (Stitcher)
Consider How to Answer for Your Hope with Tactics by Greg Koukl

Think Through the Big Questions at One Minute Apologetics (and on YouTube)

Ask Ligonier (Apple) (Spotify) (Stitcher)
Spend 5 Minutes in Church History (Apple) (Spotify) (Stitcher)
Renewing Your Mind Minute (Apple) (Spotify) (Stitcher)
Help Me Teach the Bible (Apple) (Spotify) (Stitcher)
Take a Free Gospel Coalition course
Take a course from Ligonier for free

Explore the Big Story of the Bible with God’s Big Picture
American Gospel

Marriage & Family
Bible Study & Prayer
Church History
  • Travel the world to trace the story of Christianity in EPIC with Tim Challies
  • Investigate the causes and effects of the Protestant Revolt with Westminster Theological Seminary
Good Books

Review the Series in 1 Peter

Enjoy New Songs We’ve Sung Recently

Sing Some Old Favourites

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