Lust: Adultery in the Heart (Matthew 5:27-32)

Sunday 25/10/2020

You’ve probably heard someone claim, “Jesus hardly said anything about…” and then name something about human sexuality. Usually, that means people distrust what God has said about sexuality and intimate relationships. So, people reject it, ‘God can’t tell me what to do or who to love!’ And we can have questions about where relationships and sexuality fits in God’s world. It’s all around us and hard-wired into us. But have we got the idea that God is only interested in our spiritual life, but not our relationships? We might think, “It’s just not that important to God.” If we think Jesus doesn’t say much about sexuality, we need to listen again to Matthew 5:27-32! Jesus says so much in just these few words! We need to accept it. So, what does Jesus say and how should that shape our thinking about intimacy and relationships?

  1. Jesus Exposes Lust as Adultery (v27-28)
  2. Heeds Jesus’ Drastic Warning (v29-30)
  3. Honour Marriage Like Jesus (v31-32)

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