The Kingdom is Near (Matthew 4:12-25)

Sunday 06/09/2020

How would you describe being a Christian?

It’s about salvation, repentance, forgiveness, believing, trusting and obeying. Two of the Bible’s words for being a Christian are being a disciple and following Jesus. We can say “A disciple is someone who is chosen by Jesus, called by Jesus, and loved by Jesus too, who follows Jesus, lives like Jesus, and becomes like Jesus too.” (QuizWorx). It’s easy to say, but harder to do.

It’s hard to turn from our sin. It’s hard to admit our failure to live for God and it’s hard to change.

It’s hard to follow Jesus and live like Him. It’s hard to store up treasure in heaven. It’s easier to live like the world.

And it’s hard to tell others to trust in Jesus too. It’s especially hard when we think it’s all on us, alone.

Those are all reasons why we’re looking at the start of Jesus’ ministry here in Matthew. God has shown us a lot about who Jesus is. And He also shows us what He came to do: He came to call disciples to follow Him.

God’s question for us today is: Have you heard Jesus’ call to follow Him?

Jesus is calling us to follow Him and live like Him and become like Him too. Where do we start?

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