The Fiery Trial (1 Peter 4:12-19)

Sunday 14/06/2020

Being a Christian should be so easy!

Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we are citizens of God’s worldwide, eternal kingdom (1:9-10); we are united with Him in His new, resurrection life (3:18); we are given God’s grace (4:6, 10-11), and are free from the power of sin (4:1-2).

But is being a Christian easy?

Maybe you’ve stuck your neck out to serve Christ. You went door knocking, and copped a serve for Jesus. You mention your faith at school or work, and get insulted or ignored.

Sometimes life is just hard anyway. But you wonder why, if God really loves you. Have you done something wrong?

And other times people make life hard for you when you’ve done nothing wrong to them! Sometimes, you’ve even tried to do them good and they persecute you.

It happens to every believer. So, if we’ve been rescued from Satan’s kingdom, why do we suffer? If we’ve been set free from sin’s power, why is life still so hard? Why do Christians still suffer? Can we trust God when we do suffer? Can we trust Him enough to keep living for Him?

God tells us here that we shouldn’t be surprised by suffering. But He doesn’t say to keep a stiff upper lip and carry on. God tells us what we can do when we suffer.

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