The End is Near (1 Peter 4:1-11)

Sunday 07/06/2020

Driving with Jock was hair-raising! Distances didn’t bother him. He’d drive 10, 12 hours without a worry! But turning did. He injured his neck some years before I met him. But that didn’t stop him! So, pulling up to an intersection, his co-pilot would say, “Clear left” to save him having to turn both ways to check for oncoming traffic.

Some people go through life like that. They race forwards, barely turning left or right, and never lifting their heads above the horizon. You wouldn’t want to get in the way!

The problem is: stiff-necked people can’t turn their heads to love and serve the people God loves. It’s all talk but no willingness to lose what we value so that others will benefit from the good news.

And stiff-necked people can’t lift their heads above the horizon to see what God has done for us in Christ and how we should glorify Him. Being stiff-necked means we won’t bow before God. It’s refusing to change our ways even though He commands it.

But God tells us here that when we do lift our heads, we’ll see that Christ is coming soon. And that has to change how we live.

So, can we loosen our stiff necks? Can we actually live differently to those who ignore that the end is near? And what difference will that make?

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