How Can You Know That God Loves You? (Psalm 127)

How would you know if you were blessed? If the Lord of all the universe loves you, what proof would there be in your life? What does is look like to live knowing that God loves you? Two truths should be obvious to anyone who sees you: You Can’t Achieve True Blessing (v1-2) The LordContinue reading “How Can You Know That God Loves You? (Psalm 127)”

The Path of Life (Psalm 16 & Acts 2)

It’s hard to be happy. It’s hard when your world is turned upside-down. It’s hard to be happy when we’re busy. It’s hard when we feel in danger. Being happy is hard. But we still want to be happy! So, when do we expect happiness? You might think that the time to be happy isContinue reading “The Path of Life (Psalm 16 & Acts 2)”

Two Ways, Two Destinies (Psalm 1)

A day out with the family is always a treat. I remember as a kid, we’d bundle into the car and head off somewhere. Sometimes we knew where, but other times we’d have to ask. Mum would say, ‘It’s a mystery tour.’ And sometimes it seemed to be as much a mystery to them asContinue reading “Two Ways, Two Destinies (Psalm 1)”

Magnify the LORD with Me! (Psalm 34)

How can we change? There is a guaranteed way to change, and it’s not a 30-day, money-back guarantee. It always works. The way to change is to ask God help you be what He promises to make you. God tells us His will for us in 1 Thessalonians 4:3: “This is the will of God,Continue reading “Magnify the LORD with Me! (Psalm 34)”