The Definite Development (Daniel 12)

I’ve lost count of how many times people have said to me recently, ‘The end must be coming soon, don’t you think?’ It’s tempting to think that everything will keep going as it always has. But the last couple of years makes that hard to believe. Expecting Jesus to return soon is a basic ChristianContinue reading “The Definite Development (Daniel 12)”

The Discerning Disclosure (Daniel 11)

God is the Almighty Ruler of the universe (Psalm 2). Every ruler in our world has received authority from Him (John 19:11 & Romans 13:1). And Jesus came announcing that the Kingdom of God had come into our world (Mark 1:14): When Jesus came, God’s kingdom came. That’s how our world is meant to be:Continue reading “The Discerning Disclosure (Daniel 11)”

The Debilitating Display (Daniel 10)

What’s going on with the world? Have you asked yourself that question recently? Often, it seems like the world is out of control! What will happen next? Who can guess?! Sometimes it seems like the world is being controlled by powerful people. They get what they want. The rules don’t apply to them. But theyContinue reading “The Debilitating Display (Daniel 10)”

The Desolating Decree – Part 2 (Daniel 9:20-27)

There’s plenty of bad news around. But what good news are you hoping for? We don’t expect to wake up one morning to find that this world has been transformed into some kind of paradise because of the actions of mankind. But we still have hopes for our broken world this side of the newContinue reading “The Desolating Decree – Part 2 (Daniel 9:20-27)”

The Desolating Decree – Part 1 (Daniel 9:1-19)

Let me start with a question for you: What is real Christianity all about, in one word or phrase? It’s about salvation and forgiveness. Christianity is about being rescued by Jesus. But lots of people think Christianity is about trying to do good so that we will be accepted by God. Is that what youContinue reading “The Desolating Decree – Part 1 (Daniel 9:1-19)”