What God is Building (1 Peter 2:4-10)

Sunday 19/04/2020 At the moment, we’ve got an unusual opportunity. There’s time. I wonder how you’re using it. Even those of us who still have full days of work or study have quieter downtime at night and on the weekend. There’s time to reflect, to think about how our lives measure up. Maybe you’ve alreadyContinue reading “What God is Building (1 Peter 2:4-10)”

“Surely This Was the Son of God” (Mark 15:33-39)

Good Friday 10th April 2020 This Easter is different for nearly everyone. National parks and camping areas are closed. There’s no CFA collection for the RCH. Children, grandchildren, and grandparents can’t be together. And Australia Post is delivering more Easter eggs than anything else. It’s a back-to-basics Easter for us all. So, what do youContinue reading ““Surely This Was the Son of God” (Mark 15:33-39)”