What God is Building (1 Peter 2:4-10)

Sunday 19/04/2020

At the moment, we’ve got an unusual opportunity. There’s time. I wonder how you’re using it.

Even those of us who still have full days of work or study have quieter downtime at night and on the weekend.

There’s time to reflect, to think about how our lives measure up. Maybe you’ve already decided to change some things about your life. Well, what makes our lives worthwhile? How can we be sure that, at the end, they’ll measure up?

God tells us here that the story of our lives is not what you or I make of our lives. Our lives will matter because of what God is making. The One who made the universe made it for a reason. And He measures our lives against His standard, not ours.

So, whether my life or your life has real meaning isn’t measured by our money, our families, our happiness, or our success. God tells us here, in 1 Peter 2, that whether your life has meaning is measured by where Jesus is in it.

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