The Perfect Life (Matthew 5:33-48)

Sunday 01/11/2020 If you asked 100 people what a perfect life looked like, what answers would you expect? And if you asked the same people how they could get a perfect life, what would they say? Will a perfect life just come to us? Will working hard get us there? Or do we have toContinue reading “The Perfect Life (Matthew 5:33-48)”

Lust: Adultery in the Heart (Matthew 5:27-32)

Sunday 25/10/2020 You’ve probably heard someone claim, “Jesus hardly said anything about…” and then name something about human sexuality. Usually, that means people distrust what God has said about sexuality and intimate relationships. So, people reject it, ‘God can’t tell me what to do or who to love!’ And we can have questions about whereContinue reading “Lust: Adultery in the Heart (Matthew 5:27-32)”

Anger: Murder in the Heart (Matthew 5:21-26)

Sunday 18/10/2020 Jesus said that He didn’t come to do away with the Law but to fulfil it (v16-20). And here, Jesus exposes the depth of God’s Law. We might think of the Law as a list of things to do or not do, but Jesus shows us that it is about what we loveContinue reading “Anger: Murder in the Heart (Matthew 5:21-26)”

The Law and the Prophets (Matthew 5:17-20)

Sunday 11/10/2020 What do you think about the Old Testament? Do you think of yourself as more of a New Testament believer? Do you think the NT is more about grace, and the OT is more about rules? And isn’t Christianity all about love, not law? Well, Jesus did speak a lot about love. InContinue reading “The Law and the Prophets (Matthew 5:17-20)”

Salt and Light (Matthew 5:13-16)

Sunday 04/10/2020 Video Playlist (with songs) Video (Sermon only) Audio *Sermons can be downloaded by clicking on the three dots at top right. Please let us know that you’re joining us for church online today Download the Kids’ Sheet For Family Devotions Click to access 4.-discussion-questions-and-digging-deeper-devotionals-mark-10_13-16-jesus-and-kids.pdf For Kids 2-4 years Click to access 5.a.-activity-sheets-for-ages-2-4-mark-10_13-16-jesus-and-kids.pdf ForContinue reading “Salt and Light (Matthew 5:13-16)”