Building Up The Body of Church Week by Week

Michael McKinley from 9Marks, a ministry dedicated to promoting church health, has recently attended a number of sessions with Australian Colin Marshall, one of the authors of The Trellis and the Vine with Tony Payne. The sessions looked at various ways to encourage each other, visitors and the pastor. Michael noted some practical things we canContinue reading “Building Up The Body of Church Week by Week”

The Most Broken Vow of All

A couple of weeks ago Carl Trueman published this challenging article at Reformation21: What is the most broken vow in the church?   The wedding vow?  Divorce rates among Christians are high, but rates of breach of this vow are probably higher still.   Ministerial vows to preach the gospel?  Conservatives in mainline denominations might pointContinue reading “The Most Broken Vow of All”

Being a Diligent Listener

This week, Tim Challies at ChalliesDotCom wrote a creat post entitled Being a Diligent Listener. We often concentrate on how good the preacher is, but Tim points out how important the way we listen is: The church has no place for an audience. We are all to be involved in the preaching, even as listeners.Continue reading “Being a Diligent Listener”