Am I A Stone?

Am I a stone, and not a sheep
That I can stand, O Christ, beneath Thy cross,
To number,  drop by drop, Thy blood’s slow loss,
And yet not weep?

Not so, those women loved
Who with exceeding grief lamented Thee;
Not so fallen Peter weeping bitterly;
Not so the thief was moved;
Not so the sun and moon
Which hid their faces in a starless sky
A horror of great darkness at broad noon –

I, only I.
Yet, give not o’er
but seek Thy sheep, true Shepherd of the flock;
greater than Moses, turn and look once more
and smite a rock.

Christina Rosetti

Published by Stephen McDonald

Broadcaster, teacher, bibliophile, armchair political commentator, theologue, Christian (still in beta)

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