“But in the Future”

Preacher: Rev. John Mercer
Date: 28 March 2010
Readings: Psalm 16, Matthew 26:57-68.

Depressing: This word barely describes Jesus’ situation leading up to His crucifixion. His friends deserted Him, His teachings seemed to have been rejected by the crowds that had swelled around Him just days before and justice was perverted in the hands of evil men. In the face of this, why was Jesus so serene?

The apparent is not always accurate. Jesus appeared to be the helpless victim of the situation, but He saw it from the divine perspective knowing God’s motives and purposes.

Those around Him thought death would destroy Him, but He knew it was only the beginning! Death was not the end; they would one day stand before His throne for judgement. In the meanwhile, our momentary troubles are working for our good and will be made right by the One who underwent the ultimate trial to deliver us from eternal death, if we are His.

Listen here

Published by Stephen McDonald

Broadcaster, teacher, bibliophile, armchair political commentator, theologue, Christian (still in beta)

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