John and Phyllis Mercer

While our minister is on long-service leave, we are being ministered to by Rev. John Mercer. He and his wife Phyllis are staying at the Manse and will be available on the regular contact numbers. The Mercers have worked in Aboriginal missions in the Gulf region of northern Australia, with the Home Missions board in Victoria and in parish ministry in each of the eastern states, including a stint at St. Andrew’s Canberra (pictured).

Since John’s retirement from full-time ministry around 20 years ago, the have split their time between their home on Mount Tambourine in Queensland and supply preaching, particularly seeking to make it possible for ministers to take their leave, but also preaching in vacant parishes. John supplied the pulpit at Benalla in 2004 and 2005 while Rev. McDonald was Interim Moderator and has recently completed his second 3-month stint at Wangaratta.

John and Phyllis make a point of visiting all of the parishioners wherever they are, so you can expect a visit sometime before Neil & Jenny return in mid-April (assuming you haven’t already had one).

Note: Due to a couple of technical problems the regular sermon recordings have not been possible the last 2 weeks, but this week’s sermon will be available soon as well as one of John’s wonderful childrens’ talks based on his missionary service in northern Australia.

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