God Alone is Our Hope for the Future

Most people want to know about the future: Investors want to know if the Stock market is going to go up or down, Employers – what the supply and demand of goods will be, ordinary people – what job security they have, or whether their future holds happiness or sorrow for them.

Kings of Israel often consulted the prophets concerning the outcome of wars. Ahab did this when he consulted the false prophets and the true prophet of God – Micaiah. (See 1 Kings 22:1-28)

Today many people turn to horoscopes, tarot cards, crystals and those who practice all forms of new age paganism to try to find out about their future. But there are dangers in seeking knowledge about the future from these sources.

In Luke 21:5-24 we read about Jesus speaking to his disciples about future events.

The disciples had been impressed about the magnificence of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Because Jesus is the Son of God He was able to tell them what they could not know by human insight or advanced learning.

Jesus set before them three warnings:

1. Temporal things do not last. Jesus declared that not one stone of the Temple would stand on another. This took place in 70 A.D. when The Romans sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple.

2. False Christ’s will arise. As Jesus warned about those who would claim to be Christ and lead people astray we must check out what people say by what the Bible teaches. When there are wars and rumours of wars don’t be taken in. During the 1990 many predicted that the beginning of the new millennium would bring the monetary system to a halt. Their predictions did not come true. Those who preach false doctrine about the person and work of Christ are to be feared much more.

3. Don’t be afraid of future Troubles. (Now in some cultures today we would have to say don’t be afraid of present trouble, for many believers face daily trouble you and I could not imagine.) God will give you courage and the words to say when you need them.

We serve such a God who as creator and sovereign ruler of the universe has called out a people for Himself. He is the one to trust in every circumstance of life.

Neil McDonald

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Minister of Grace Presbyterian Church, Wodonga. Interest: Woodworking.

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